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Reading For Success 2021

Reading For Success

There’s no doubt about it, reading will help you to be a success!


  • improves your vocabulary and knowledge;
  • reduces your stress levels;
  • gives you things to talk about;
  • increases your concentration levels;
  • will improve your grades!

Use Reading For Success to keep track of what you’ve read.
The reading tasks are organised into five different categories, so you can choose what’s going to help you the most.

The Challenge

Work your way through the levels and complete tasks to win.

There are 32 tasks in total - you don't have to read them all, but pick the ones most relevant (or most interesting) to you. Below, you can find out how many tasks you need to complete to achieve the different levels of Reading For Success awards:

Bronze: complete 6 tasks
Silver: complete 12 tasks
Gold: complete 24 tasks

Completing 6 tasks enters you into the Reading For Success Prize Draw, but the more tasks you complete the greater the chance of winning. You could win a voucher to spend how you like! 

1st prize: £20 voucher
2nd prize: £10 voucher
3rd prize: £5 voucher

The deadline is: * come back in September 2021 to find out the next R4S deadline! *

See below to find out how to enter...

How do I enter?

If you're a Functional Skills or GCSE English student enter Reading For Success via Course Resources.

Go to your English module (2020-FE-FSENG or 2020-FE-GCSEENG) on Course Resources and click on 'Reading For Success' on the left hand menu. See the screenshot below.

You can then choose the reading theme and find the task you want to complete. Create a journal entry for that task and once that's submitted, your entry has been made!

Make sure that you give a full answer in your journal for your entry to be accepted (if your answer isn't detailed enough, we'll ask you to add more info so we can accept your answer).

If you are NOT on either of those programmes, there is a link in each task on this website which leads to an online form. Fill that out for each task that you complete. Use the tabs at the top to move through the themes and explore the tasks.

Good luck!

Read or listen?

Whether you read the words yourself, or have them read to you (by a screen reader) doesn't matter. As long as you understand the content of the book, article or webpage that you are accessing, that's what matters!

Some eBooks have an option to be read out (look for eBooks provided by VLe Books).

Some articles on Discover can be heard via the 'Listen' function. Click this link for an example.

Listening rather than reading can be helpful for people with Dyslexia, visual impairments or anyone who prefers receiving information via listening! 

Reading For Success drop-ins

There are 3 online drop-ins that you can attend to ask questions about Reading For Success.

You could ask:

  • Which task should I choose next?
  • I am looking for a specific book to read but I can't find it. Can you help?
  • Which tasks will help me to be a better communicator?

or any question that you need to be answered about the challenge!

The drop-ins are on the following dates, click the links for more information.

* You have missed the drop-ins for this year, come back in September for next year's competition! *

Reading: it's for awesome people!

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