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Website Timeline

We hope you enjoy the look of our new Library website. The launch is in 2 phases:

The launch of the homepage as well as key content underneath such as opening hours, contact us etc

  • We actively seek feedback on the new style (via the form at the bottom of this page)
  • You can use the new homepage now as all of our content (even the old content) is accessed via this home page now.

In August we will launch the remainder of the content in this new style and then turn off our old webpages.  

At this point we will launch communications around the change.

Why are we redesigning the website?

Consider the new website as a preview of the full launch and functionality in August.  We wanted to launch the homepage now so you can see what it will look like as well as provide us feedback on the redesign which will help us with any changes before the full launch.  The new site will bring various different looking pages into one nice clean look and feel for you.


Please let us know what you think of the new design via the form below.