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Academic writing - Skills Guide

Writing for University

What is academic writing?

Writing is an essential part of being a student and it can take many forms such as: essays, reports, reflective journals, presentations.

Writing is a way of capturing and communicating your understanding and thought processes as you study and learn about your subject area.

Why do I need to learn academic writing skills?

You need to demonstrate to your tutor that you can do three essential things:

  • Find information
  • Understand information
  • Use information to answer a question/form an argument

An essay is one of the most common ways of doing this but all of your writing at University should demonstrate these three skills:

  • Paraphrasing (writing in your own words)
  • Citing and referencing (making reference to authors and research)
  • Analysing information (Make it clear that you understand something without unnecessary description)

There are techniques that you can use to learn these skills that you can find in the skills guides and resources.

How can I learn how to write to an academic level?

In the tabs along the top of this LibGuide you'll find information to help with all aspects of Writing at University, which include links to books, worksheets and templates and links to other useful information.

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