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Reading Lists and Copyright Cleared Content: Copyright Cleared Content

Information for Academic Staff

What is ©opyright ©leared ©ontent?

©opyright ©leared ©ontent are high quality copyright cleared scans of print journal articles and book chapters

The Content and Discovery Team use the latest technology to obtain copyright permission, scan and upload your requests.  Available through your Online Reading Lists, students can easily see at a glance the article details and its corresponding Copyright Cleared Content, at a click of a button. In our fast-paced world this saves students time trying to find the journal or book, providing them with more time to spend on reading the article. All of their material in one place, accessible via their tablet, smartphone or desk-top computer

How do my students and I view the ©opyright ©leared ©ontent?


Academics and students can view their Copyright Cleared Content through their Online Reading List. Log in and click the  ‘VIEW ONLINE ’ button to the right of the screen

The digitisation will open in a new tab. Scroll down to see the copyright coversheet notice and the chapter/article

You can view, print and/or download the item on any device at any time

Check out the Guide section and/or call for help and training

Training and Workshops


We offer a variety of training opportunities

  • One-to-One training - we will visit your office and help guide you through the process of creating your own Online Reading List and requesting Copyright Cleared Content
  • We run workshops for groups of academics to attend and learn more about the benefits of Online Reading Lists and Copyright Cleared Content
  • Presentations at College Away Day conferences
  • Learning and Teaching Conference - we regularly participate and show academics the benefits of using our systems.


For more information and assistance contact the Content & Discovery Team:

For information on creating and editing your Reading Lists

For help adding digitised Copyright Clearance Content

Or speak to your Academic Librarian about resource availability:

Academic Librarian webpage

How do I request ©opyright ©leared ©ontent?

Multiple ways to request!

  • Email: Provide us with a list of your requests (bibliographic details including the article/chapter title and page numbers) and the module details of your Online Reading List. We will add your requests to your Online Reading List and link to your Copyright Cleared Content
  • Online Reading List: Click on the “Request Digitisation” next to the chapter bookmark you’ve already made; follow the quick prompts to receive an automatic notification of suitability. Check out the Guide section and/or call to arrange help and training
  • Telephone: The Content and Discovery Team are happy to answer any questions you may have and help with your requests (Tel: 01332-591222)
  • Visits to your office: We regularly meet academics at their offices to help train and discuss their Copyright Cleared Content and Online Reading List requests
  • Visit our office: We can meet with you to discuss your requests (our office is located on the lower-ground floor of Kedleston Rd Library – LG06)

How can the Copyright Clearance Unit help?


In order to be compliant with our CLA Licence we must do the scanning for you, leaving you to request digitisations with confidence that your scans will be legal and copyright cleared

  • As long as the item is covered under the CLA Licence we will scan
    •  printed items from library stock
    •  institution departmental copies
    • We will also source digitised copies from the British Library if your item is not in our library stock
  • Our high quality scans use Optical Character Recognition software – this enables students to search within the article and also using specialist software, enable the article to be ‘read-aloud’ – meeting disabled access requirements
  • If you need additional chapters or articles from the same print book or journal we will check to see if your article is covered under the CLA’s Second Extract Permission Service
  • All relevant copyright notices will be displayed alongside the scanned article
  • Scanned files will be managed securely and seamlessly between our copyright management system software and your online reading list software
  • CLA Returns – all scanned and uploaded files will be reported to the CLA under the terms of the licence.



How long will it take?


Obtaining Copyright Cleared Content can vary dependent upon the time of the year and high volume levels of requests. If we hold the item in our library stock and it is covered under our CLA Licence. On average a request can take between 3-10 working days

We recommend that you allow at least four weeks before your students are required to read the article or chapter. This is to enable us to make the necessary checks; add it to your reading list (if you have not already done so); obtain a copy if the item is not in our library stock; scan the item and to link it to your Online Reading List

Scanning Rules!

Under the conditions of our CLA Licence we can only scan chapters / articles from print books and journals for courses taught from the University's UK campuses. These are available for students registered on the specific courses and the academic teaching it

Proportionally we are permitted to scan whichever is greater – either 10%* or

  • One chapter of a book
  • One article of a journal issue
  • One paper of a set of conference proceedings
  • One report of a single case from a report of judicial proceedings
  • One scene from a play
  • One short story or one poem or one play of not more than 10 pages in an anthology of short stories, poems or plays

*New CLA Licence regulations for 1st August 2016 - 31st July 2019 stipulates10%. 

When you make a request we will check whether it’s possible and let you know

There are exclusions that cannot be copied under the CLA Licence:-

  • Printed music (including the words)
  • Maps and charts
  • Newspapers
  • Workbooks and assignment sheets
  • Excluded works where the copyright holder has expressly forbidden permission under licences such as The Copyright Licencing Agency

Helpful guides