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Online Reading Lists and Copyright Cleared Content: Step by Step Guides

Information for Academic Staff


For more information and assistance contact the Content & Discovery Team:

For information creating and editing your Online Reading Lists

For help adding digitsied Copyright Clearance Content

Or speak to your Academic Librarian about resource availability:

How to Guides

This guide is a work in progress with new guides being added so please check back or contact the Content and Discovery Team for assistance

This guide has been broken down into steps. You may have to check that you have completed an earlier step before progressing

Click on the title, below, to open each document. This will open as a PDF so you can print it off or save it to you computer, or you can watch a video containing the same information

Getting started

First familiarise yourself with the Online Reading Lists website and install the Bookmark Button


Adding Content and editing Online Reading Lists

Think about how you want to arrange your resources and find out how to add each type

The rest of this guide is under construction so the next steps are awaiting delivery. Please use this older version of the guide for information on editing:

Quick Guide to Reading lists at the University of Derby.docQuick Guide to Online Reading lists

(this guide will be removed once the LibGuide has been completed)


  • Step 13: Adding other Library resources (indexes and databases)
  • Step 14: Using Library Plus
  • Step 15: How to edit your online reading list

What happens next?

Once your list is complete it can be reviewed by your academic librarian and made available on Course Resources