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Student Guide to Online Reading Lists & Copyright Cleared Content

This guide is for Students

Your Online Reading List

Search for your Online Reading List by module title or code

List features

  1. Click here to go to the University of Derby homepage
  2. Click here to go to the Reading Lists homepage. Once here type the module code or name into the search box to find your reading list
  3. If you create your own account you can access all your reading lists from here. See 'Your Account' tab above
  4. If you create your own account you can put your favourite resources into one place for your own research and study. See 'Your Account' tab above
  5. Title and module code for this reading list
  6. Sign in here to access the advanced features. See 'Your Account' tab above
  7. Click here to go to the Library homepage
  8. Time period for this module – lists are updated every year
  9. If the list is arranged in sections click here and a list of them will display. You can use this to quickly jump to the required section
  10. Click to see a menu which allows you arrange items as physical or online resources; reading intentions menu; list items importance; and personal notes
  11. Click here to see the reading list as a bibliography in a variety of citation formats. Be aware that this sometimes does not list correctly. Use the citations suggested in your module handbook and use this as a starting point
  12. Click here to download your reading list as a PDF or CSV file
  13. Use this to find a particular list item by title or author search
  14. If you create your own account you save this list to your ‘My Lists’. See 'Your Account' tab above