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Student Guide to Online Reading Lists & Copyright Cleared Content

This guide is for Students

Your Online Reading List

Search for your Online Reading List by module title or code

Getting More Help

I can't log into my UDo account

Try resetting your password. If this still does not let you in visit the IT Helpdesk in the Library or use this information on this page:

Why is my reading list blank or missing?

We are aiming to get a reading list for every single module within the university, but as you can imagine this a large challenge. If your list is blank send a message on the 'Feedback' button at and we will let you know when your list becomes available

When I click on an eBook button it takes me to a signing in page

Sometimes this happens if you have not allowed the page to fully load and the software has not had time to authenticate you. Wait until the page loads and you should go straight to your eBook.

You can only log in to look at ebooks and e-resources at the University of Derby if you have a UDo user name and password

I am finding it difficult to get all my studying done

Speak to your module leader as soon as possible to ensure you get all the assistance you require

I need help with study skills

Help is available on the University of Derby homepage: