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Support for Researchers at the University of Derby

E-thesis submission to UDORA

After your thesis has been passed by the examiners, an electronic copy of your thesis will be deposited in the University of Derby Online Research Archive (UDORA).



This electronic copy on the web has many benefits compared to simply lodging a printed copy in a library. The online copy will potentially attract a wider readership than the printed copy alone, which is necessarily only available to those with access to one of the university libraries. Making research available on the open web also has the potential to increase your visibility as a scholar.

UDORA is not the only online repository to carry electronic theses. There are over 2,100 open access repositories around the world, half of which provide access to doctoral theses. In the UK alone there are over 200 institutional repositories and many of these store and offer free access to PhD theses.

Submitting your thesis to UDORA

You will be registered for an account on UDORA when we have been informed by the Research Office that your thesis has been passed by the examiners. You will need to complete three short forms in PhD Manager and once approved, you will be contacted with with details of the submission process. You will also need to confirm in PhD Manager that you have uploaded your thesis to UDORA.

Your thesis and copyright

As you are working on your thesis you will need to maintain a list of those providing you with third party copyright materials. You will need to have permission from them to include the material in your work when it is uploaded to UDORA. You do not need to have permission to include third party copyright material in the version of your thesis submitted for examination, it is only when your thesis is made available on UDORA that you need permission to include any third party copyright material.

Restricting access to your thesis

If you are seeking publication from your thesis, or if your thesis contains confidential or sensitive information, then we will put an embargo on the thesis so it will not be publicly available until such a time as is suitable.

Further information

For further information about third party copyright material, IPR and plagiarism please see the Student Copyright Guide and click on the PhD Etheses tab.




Access to theses from other institutions


Print copies of theses written by students at other UK institutions are quite difficult to access unless you are able to travel to the library where the thesis is held. Print copies of theses are often available for reference use only and cannot be borrowed. Index to Theses is a comprehensive, searchable listing of theses with abstracts accepted for higher degrees by universities in the United Kingdom and Ireland since 1716. 


However, as there is an increasing number of universities requiring their students to submit electronic versions, more theses are freely available in full text online. EThOS - The Electronic Theses Online Service is a database of theses provided by the British Library. You are able to search by subject, author, title or institution and theses can be downloaded immediately where available. If a thesis is not immediately downloadable, it will take approximately 6 weeks for it to be digitised, subject to permission from the institution. You will need to register with the site.