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A Guide for New Staff

Here to Serve You

Each of our libraries provide a similar range of facilities to support staff and students in their academic requirements.

All sites provide open access PCs containing Office applications, email, internet and specialist software. There are zoned areas for silent (red), quiet (orange) or group (green) work, as well as Study Rooms which can be booked ahead of time with library staff. All sites can provide accessibility equipment such as screen readers, text magnifier, screen overlays and specialist software.

Other specialist facilities at different sites include:

Kedleston Road:

  • The IT Service maintains a Help Desk within the Library from which IT equipment can be booked and borrowed. New staff will also collect their ID cards from this desk.
  • The Library holds a special Local Collection with many old and rare books relating to the city of Derby, the county of Derbyshire and the wider region of the Midlands.


Britannia Mill:

  • This Library has a rare books collection, which includes many on artists and art history.


Devonshire Library, Buxton: