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Access to HE and Foundation Programme: Session worksheets

A guide for all students studying Access or Foundation across any of our campuses.

Session Worksheets

This box contains worksheets which can be downloaded for printing off or opened and edited on screen. Edited versions can be saved, e.g. into the student or 'U' drive for future reference.

The aim of the worksheets is to allow you to familiarise yourself with the resources that are available, how to find, navigate and exploit them, and where to go to for further information and support.

Referencing Exercises

The document below contains information (source titles, author names etc.) and links to the catalogue and/or external links (note that for illustrative purposes some of the links may not work!). Please open the document and work through the source examples provided, preparing references and in-text citations for each one, on a separate document. You may want  to order them as you would do for a Reference List. When you have finished, it is recommended that you save your work to your U drive.