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Books for You

Help your Library grow its book collection - suggest a book for purchase!

Is there a particular book we don't have in stock that you feel would be a useful addition to the collection - not just for you, but for fellow students as well?  We can't guarantee we'll always get what you request but we will consider every title put through.

If you would like to request a book to be purchased by the Library fill out the form on the Books For You page and we'll take it from there!

Don't keep us guessing - let us know!


This guide will help you find a range of sources of images to use in your academic work, whether you are looking for still photographs or film clips. 

You may need to use a range of images throughout your time at University; to spark creativity, illustrate a point for an assignment or presentation or to present data.  They may be photographs, film, maps, charts and tables and may come from a wide range of sources, both print and online. 



Upcoming Workshops and Clinics

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Sally Forrest (Arts, Engineering)
Britannia Mill Library: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday
Kedleston Road Library Wednesday and Friday

To help you in your studies there are Workshops and Library Clinics that you can attend.
You will need to register for these events and, for the clinics, you will need to come prepared with a question or topic that you're having difficulty with.
Click on the Bookings tab in the banner at the top of the page, or use the links in the Quick Links box, to see what's available.