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Statistical Information: Print Statistics

UK Census

Census publications for 1961, 1971, 1981,1991 & 2001 are held in the book stack on the lower ground floor, 312.0941 CEN, This includes County reports.

Local Derbyshire Census material is also held in the Local Collection at 312 CEN.

Statistics (Book Stack)

Older series of statistics are held in the book stack on the lower ground floor, mainly in the 310-319 section. These include population, health European and regional series of statistics.

Quick Reference Statistics Collection (Vault)

The Quick Reference and Statistics Collections are in the stacks on the lower ground floor of the Kedleston Road Library and include general dictionaries, encyclopaedias and databooks.  

Useful multi-purpose  reference books include:

  • Europa Yearbook (Annual)  Quick Ref  300 EUR    (profiles of every country in the world)      
  • Statesman’s Yearbook (Annual)   Quick Ref  310.5 STA    (profiles of every country in the world)
  • Whitaker's Almanack (Annual)      Quick Ref  032.02 WHI    iIncludes general world & country facts, historical  and political information)
  • World Development Report (World Bank)      330.9WOR
  • World Development Indicators (World Bank) Statistics 330.9WOR
  • Keesing’s record of world events                    Quick Ref & Stack
  • Human Development Report                           330.9 HUM      

The print Statistics Collection includes official UK and world statistics. Many statistics are now published online but the collection still includes current material, especially worldwide statistics, and is an important historical collection.

Older statistical material, including the census for 1961, 1971, 1981,1991 & 2001, is held in the book stack on the lower ground floor.

Some very useful general print statistical publications are:

  UK :

  • Annual Abstract of Statistics                    Statistics 314.1 ANN
  • Regional Trends                                        Statistics 314.1 REG
  • Social Trends                                            Statistics 314.1 SOC

UK official statistics are now increasingly no longer published in print but are available on the ONS website (office for National Statistics) - we still keep the backruns of the annual statistics listed above..

 Worldwide :

  • Statistical Yearbook (United Nations)            Statistics 310.9 STA
  • World Statistics in Brief (United Nations)       Statistics 310 WOR
  • World Development Indicators (World Bank) Statistics 330.9WOR
  • Human Development Report (World Bank)    Statistics 330.9HUM

 World Bank & United Nations statistics are now also available free of charge on the internet.

Gazetteers.  A variety of world and British gazetteers are shelved at 910.3 and 914.1003 in the Quick Reference Collection.  Some are now dated but even so give useful information at the time of publication (eg population data).