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Finding your way around the Devonshire Library at Buxton

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Finding your way around the HUB at Leek

Buxton & Leek College

The Library in 2020


This is your guide to finding and using the best Library resources at Buxton & Leek College for [Subject Area].

Find print books and journals in the Library, search for articles online, see the best websites for your area. Get help using resources with our guides and find additional help on referencing and study skills.

Contact details for your college libraries

For all library related enquiries for Buxton & Leek:-

- phone us on 01332 591215

- email us on

Academic Librarian

Liz White (BLC)'s picture
Liz White (BLC)
University of Derby
Buxton and Leek College
Leek / Buxton
01538 322111

Workshops and clinics

Look for the Buxton and Leek College and Access to HE Academic Librarian clinics in the list below!