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Accounting (AAT) - FE: Finding Newspaper and Journal Articles

Top tip

You should be using journal articles and newspapers to learn about current awareness issues in your subject area.

Whether you are looking for a job or to go onto University, being able to talk about recent examples of issues, developments or news in your industry or profession will impress people.

Trade magazines are written for people studying, working or interested in an industry area. They can be a good source of information about jobs.

Searching Gale OneFile News

To search for News articles specifically, use Gale OneFile News.

Some newspapers online have a paywall - this means that you need a subscription to the newspaper to be able to read their online content.

We have paid the subscription for you, so you can read these via Gale OneFile News.

To search Gale OneFile News, you need to go to Discover (see the 'Searching Discover' box on this page). Search for topic you are interested in. You'll see the results page:

On the right hand side, near the top, look for the Gale OneFile News logo. It looks like this:

Gale OneFile News searches for the topic you entered before, and shows you the top results. Use the search box at the top to search again with different keywords to find what you need. 

If you know the title of the article you want to read, you can search for the exact wording.

Searching Discover - for magazine. newspaper and journal articles.

Discover is the College Library's search engine. It allows you to find things that you might not find using Google, and gives you access that you might have to pay for otherwise.

Go to the Library home page. Look for the Search Discover box.

Search for keywords of the topic you're researching. For example, if you want to find out about the safeguarding of children attending nursery, you can search safeguarding and early years. Click search.

When you see the search results you'll probably have found some books and eBooks too. Discover searches for everything in the Library!

So go to Source Types on the left menu and select the format you would like. eBook, Magazine, or Trade Publication.

Click on the title of something that looks helpful. Click on the green 'Get Full Text' box to read it (sometimes, the text is further down the page so scroll down to see).