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MHRA Style

The citation style of the Modern Humanities Research Association (MHRA) is the style of choice for English students at Derby—and in many other institutions. The MHRA style is special because it uses a number to represent the citation. This number then points to a full reference as a footnote. You then create a bibliography of all the references that have appeared as footnotes in your work. Here is a visual representation: 



Here is an example of what to do

First add a footnote at the appropriate point in the body of your work. Microsoft Word can do this for you: simply select References >> Insert. This video from Microsoft will also explain how to do it. You may need to change how Microsoft Word displays your footnotes—ideally you should use numbers, rather than letters. You can learn how to change the style of footnote numbering in this video from Microsoft

The image below provides a simple example how a book citation will look in the MHRA style. Note the citation number points to a reference in the footnote section of your document.

Finally, a bibliography is often used to provide a full list of references that you have used in your footnotes. Note how the reference in the footnote differs slightly from the reference in the bibliography:

Don't worry if this seems a little confusing; Cite Them Right provides all the answers you need. It shows you how to use the MHRA style for lots of different reference types: including books, book chapters, journal articles, and more!