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Events Management: Useful Websites

A guide for anyone studying Events Management through University of Derby.

Top Tip!

Always be careful when citing material found on the Internet - be sure you are using a reputable source and all information or data mentioned is referenced or acknowledged. Websites ending in are official government sites, are official college/university sites - but anyone can use, .com or .org.

Useful links

When you search for information online (through a search engine) think about your search strategy and use appropriate keywords. Be specific with your keywords.

Take extra care in checking the reliability of your sources. Look for websites published/endorsed by official industry organisations, authorities, professionals, academics and research organisations in your subject area, etc. You need to use academic and formal sources of information.

Whenever you use a website think about the following:

  • When was it written? Is it current or historical?
  • Who wrote it (individual, organisation)? Does that make a difference to issues such as bias? Is the author an expert or a lay person?
  • Why was it produced? Is it 'official' or research based information eg from a Government website, or is it a personal view?
  • Which country did it come from? Is the information applicable to just one country/continent or many?
  • What purpose was it written for? To present research findings? To educate? To influence? Is there an agenda or bias to the website? Is the information referenced and substantiated?
  • How is it written? Formal or informal style? For professionals, academics or the general public? This might affect the accuracy of the information.

To help you we have listed some key websiteschecked by our Librarians and Academics, that you should be making use of to aid your study.

Before you start why not have a look at these guides to Web and Internet searching for your subject:

Events bodies and organisations

These links are in alphabetical order, not by order of preference.

Key Hospitality bodies and organisations

These links are in alphabetical order, not by order of preference.

Professional bodies and organisations, Government bodies and Charities regularly publish data, statistics and reports on a wide range of topics. Explore their Websites using the tabs above to find the lastest information. These Websites listed below are links to some of the most popular official sources statistics.