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Getting published: A guide from journal writing to academic impact: Choose Wisely

There are thousands of academic journal titles to choose from. Some will be suitable for your paper and others will not, but each one has a carefully considered audience and is looking for a well-researched, well-written article that meets their individual editorial guidelines. To give your research the best possible chance of achieving high impact it is important to get published in the right journal.

What is the "right journal"?
The right journal is subjective and will be different for every author and every paper. It will depend on many factors; such as how well established the journal is, who your target audience is and where your co-authors (if any) want to publish. 


In this section you will find an activity, followed by general advice and top-tips. The activity is designed to allow you to pause before writing your paper, and begin to consider how to find the right journal to suit your research.