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Getting published: A guide from journal writing to academic impact: Increase Acceptance


Once you have a good shortlist of journals to target your paper at,  prepare a submission that is unique to that journal.


  1. Search back through recent issues to find published articles similar to your own;
  2. Don't be fooled by the title - check the About pages to get an idea of the scope of the journal to determine it's suitability and your writing style;
  3. Familiarise yourself with the style of the journal;
  4. Contact the editor - ask if they are initially interested in your research;
  5. ALWAYS follow the journal guidelines for authors - if you don't it will be turned down, which is your time wasted. 
  6. ALWAYS use the instructed journal reference style;
  7. Think about the reviewer. If the reviewer is an expert in your subject s/he will not be impressed if you haven't referenced them!
  8. Be prepared for your article to be rejected by your three or four top-choice journals;
  9. Once your article is accepted for peer-review - celebrate! A lot of work has already happened to get to this stage;
  10. Keep revising your article based on reviewers' comments, and don't give up;
  11. Ask a colleague to read through your work and make comments;
  12. Be both patient and tenacious - don't be afraid to seek clarification when needed.

Your research is unique and important, but this section is designed to help you consider the various decision makers who determine the extent to which your paper will succeed - out there in the big wide world.