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Library Plus

Using the Library Plus Sidebar to get more out of your results

Search Tips

Library Plus is, essentially, a database that searches other databases.

It will search many, but not all, of the databases that the Library subscribes to along with our Library catalogue and our eJournals collection. It won't search everything we have access to, so if you're looking for information on law, social science, education, and some of the performing arts subjects you will need to search the individual subject specific databases as well (see the relevant subject resources guide for more information).

That's not to say that you won't get any results in the above topics if you search Library Plus for them, just that you will miss relevant articles if you only search Library Plus and you're looking for articles in those areas.

When you start to search Library Plus for a topic, especially if you're looking for a relatively broad term, then you are likely to get a fairly large number of results that you are then going to have to narrow down to a more manageable level.

There are quite a few things that you can select that will help you reach a workable set of results and the tabs above will set out what your options are and what they mean.

If you have any questions, or you run into any problems using Library Plus, then please get in touch with your academic librarian for help or contact the Library via the General Enquiry email: or via the General Enquiry Telephone number: 01332 59 1215

The document below lists the databases that Library Plus will search when you initially ask it to look for particular keywords, topics etc. Depending on the subject that you're searching for you won't get results from every single one of these resources.

Unless you select Full Text; Available in Library Collection, or Catalogue Only then the results you see will be a mix of things that we do have access to AND of things that we don't have access to - however if you're looking for journal articles by topic (rather than by journal title) and there's no electronic access it's always a good idea to check the library catalogue for the journal title in case we only have access to the journal in print.

Remember --> The databases listed in the document below are not the only ones you may have to search. If the core database(s) for your subject area aren't listed then you will need to go to your subject information guide or to the full list of Indexes & Databases to search them individually.

You can also limit your search in the Indexes and Databases catalogue to see which ones for your subject area are not held in Library Plus.

If the item that you're after isn't available either electronically or in print then please talk to your academic librarian, a member of staff on the Library Enquiry Desk, or contact the Library Enquiry Service at for help and advice. If you are a second year undergraduate or above you may also be eligible to use the inter-library loan service, please check the inter-library loan pages for more information.