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Canoodling with careers: Cross-team working in information literacy


Canoodling with careers: Cross-team working in information literacy

A workshop delivered at LILAC 2014

Maria Carnegie, Library Services Manager (Buxton and Leek)

Jonathan White, academic librarian (Buxton)

Vanessa Vivian-Shaw, Careers Consultant (Buxton)

The three of us - Jon, Vanessa & Maria


We work at the University of Derby. We're all part of a cross university support team - Learning Enhancement & Innovation but work for two sperate units within the department: Library and Careers & Employability teams. what we have in common is a campus. The Buxron Campus is some 40 miles north of Derby and serves a distinct population of students. In the summer of 2013, the Careers operation was moved into a room within the Library - tthe final move in an already developing relationship.

Taking advantage of geography, small teams and a natural desire to share and provide a joined up approach we started to work closely together from a student point of view.

LILAC workshop abstract

UDORA (University of Derby Online Research Archive) record

StudyBugs Roam the Dome

At the start of the session, as people were arriving, we showed a short video of showing how the Library and Careers' teams have worked together to take our services out to students - Roam the Dome.