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A Guide for New Students: Welcome!

This guide contains some Library related information that will be most useful in the first couple of weeks of your very first semester

On this page...

On this page you'll find a Welcome box with our online Library tour; if you scroll down a little you'll see some introductory videos to some of the library's online resources - just enough to get you started. But don't worry if you're not a fan of videos; if you look to the left of the page you'll see the PowerPoints for them, so you can use those instead.

Welcome to the University of Derby Library

The first few weeks of your very first semester can be extremely busy with lots of things to take in and remember - and there will be some things that you don't quite take in the first time around.

This very short guide is so that you can easily refresh your memory on some of the things you've been shown (or get a head start if you haven't had any Library sessions yet) and you can do these in your own time, as many times as you like.

There are a range of videos on this guide, and also PowerPoint presentations if you prefer that type of resource.

We hope that you find these resources useful but if you have any questions, or you need help, please contact the Library using the information in the box to the right of this one.


For a fun online tour of the library have a go at our Hungry Robot challenge!

Just click the image below


Videos & Test Yourself Quizzes

Please note there is currently no quiz available for Library Plus to test your knowledge. This will be added in due course.

This brief video (c.15 mins) will take you through the process of doing a basic search in Library Plus. It will cover what Library Plus is, what to do so that you're not over (or under-) whelmed with results and how you can get to the full-text of an article that comes up in your list.

There is audio and closed captioning for this video.

Contact Us!

If you have trouble using any of the resources, or you simply have a question, please get in touch:

With the Library:


Phone: (01332) 59 12 15


With IT Services:


Phone: (01332) 59 12 34

Who's my Academic Librarian?

Each College has at least one Academic Librarian looking after the students and staff within it. They can show you how to use subject specialist resources for your discipline, give you advice on referencing, and a lot more.

If, after having had a look at the resources on this guide, you still have questions you can contact your Academic Librarian for more information. You can find a list of the Librarians - with their responsibilities - on the Guides by Librarian page