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Online Reading Lists and Copyright Cleared Content: Welcome

Information for Academic Staff

This guide is a work in progress. Please contact the Online Reading Lists Team or Copyright Clearance Unit if you need any assistance

Welcome to our Online Reading List Team and Copyright Clearance Unit Libguide

The Online Reading Lists (ORL) Team, led by Lydia Fairfield-Read, and the Copyright Clearance Unit (CCU), led by Donya Rowan, would like to say a warm welcome to our Libguide! The ORL team has been helping academics develop their Online Reading Lists for 4 years, whilst the CCU have been copyright clearing and digitising chapters/article requests for 16 years. Now integrated using the very latest technology, all of your Copyright Cleared Content (CCC) is accessible within your Online Reading Lists! Benefiting both academics and students with the ease of viewing all of the teaching materials in one place.

Variety of training opportunities

  • One-to-One training - we will visit your office and help guide you through the process of creating your own Online Reading List and requesting Copyright Cleared Content.
  • We run workshops for groups of academics to attend and learn more about the benefits of Online Reading Lists and Copyright Cleared Content.
  • Presentations at College Away Day conferences
  • Learning and Teaching Conference - we regularly participate and show academics the benefits of using our systems.


For more information, assistance, or to arrange a demonstration contact:

Online Reading Lists Team:

Copyright Clearance Unit:

Subject Librarian Team:

Statistics for Academic Year 2017-2018

Academic Year 2017-2018


Welcome to Online Reading Lists and Copyright Cleared Content

How we can help you

  • The Online Reading Lists team will add, edit and amend your module’s online reading list so that books, eBooks, journals, e-journals and other electronic resources are available for your students . Email for more information
  • The Copyright Clearance Unit will digitise journal articles and book chapters and add them to your lists; allowing students to access, download and print high quality Copyright Cleared Content. Email for more information.
  • Your Subject Librarian is happy to help you find and check the key sources of information for your reading lists; current books and e-books and journal articles which are available in print or electronically.  We can help you update your lists and advise you when new editions of titles become available. Please see to find your Subject Librarian’s contact details.

The Benefits of Online Reading Lists and Copyright Cleared Content

Benefits Online Reading Lists Copyright Cleared Content



  • Allows collection and organisation teaching materials in one place
  • Wide variety of teaching tools available including library catalogue and collections; Copyright Cleared Content;  websites; Box of Broadcast (UK & NI only)
  • In-browser bookmark adds resources and links to a personal bookmark account
  • Online Reading Lists rolled over every year so minimum need for updating
  • Support and training given throughout
  • Peace of mind knowing that your digitisation requests will be copyright compliant
  • 30% of your Online Reading List can be Copyright Cleared Content
  • Additional chapters or articles are possible thanks to our Second Extract Permission Service.
  • With our CLA Licence most print books / journals can be digitised regardless of whether the item is in stock or not in stock
  • CCU seek British Library digitised copies of articles not in library stock
  • High quality scanning
  • Usage stats of CCC - evaluate the use and efficacy of your digitised readings
  • Help, support and demonstrations can be provided



  • Access to recommended books, journals and websites together with optional guidance notes from lecturers
  • Extra learning resources through Copyright Cleared Content and Box of Broadcast
  • Immediate interaction via Course Resources
  • Accessible on all new media devices via the internet
  • Checking of Library availability across all University libraries
  • Facility to add personal study notes
  • Click Online Resource button to immediately see the Copyright Cleared Content - simple and quick to use
  • Digitised readings can be viewed wherever and whenever on most devices
  • The download feature enables reading whilst offline
  • Scanned using Optical Character Recognition software (OCR) makes the document searchable and can be read-aloud with the appropriate software


 University of Derby

  • Enhances the student learning experience, as reflected in the NSS and HER returns
  • Helps create continuity for teaching for student expectations
  • Better management of Library collection and budget expenditure
  • Promotes teaching excellence and engagement
  • The Copyright Clearance Unit is regulated by the Copyright Licensing Agency and ensures that the Copyright Cleared Content is legal
  • Additional copyright permission is also sought for articles not covered by the CLA remit
  • Unlimited storage capacity – everything is stored in the Cloud
  • Copyright Cleared Content is available for all students covered under the HESA returns
  • Enhances the student learning experience, as reflected in the NSS and HER returns


Don't just take our word for it!

"Students engagement with recommended academic resources is key to developing a deeper understanding of their discipline and, ultimately, a more satisfying and stimulating educational environment"

University of Reading (September, 2016)

"Research has shown that there is a direct link between degree classifications and library usage"

Eileen Hiller, Head of Academic Services, University of Huddersfield (The Guardian, 2013)

"The introduction of the electronic reading lists has enhanced the students' ease of access to current module book lists, allowed for updating by staff and provides a real professional academic feel"

Colin Beeke, Senior Lecturer in Computing, University of West London (Talis webinar, February 2016)

"Students regularly asked... about items on their learning resources lists and staff direct them to the Talis reading list. Students are often surprised and pleased to discover that the list is available with links to electronic resources and digitisations"

The University of Queensland (Talis webinar, February 2016)

"It more than met my expectations. I went from having two confusing lists where one was linked to internet sources and the other was linked to the library, to having one cohesive list that was divided into weeks and clearly showed the students what they needed to read each week in preparation for their classes"

Deakin University (Talis webinar, February 2016)