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Support for Researchers at the University of Derby: Open Access Agreements

What are Open Access Agreements?

Some publishers will offer special or discounted rates for publishing via their Gold Open Access route. The Gold Open Access route is where the author, their institution, or research funder are often (though not always) required to pay an Article Processing Charge to make their research freely available upon publication. Gold Open Access articles can also be assigned a Creative Commons License, which allows the published version to be shared widely and deposited in UDORA.

The University is part of a small number of Open Access Agreements, based on our current journal subscriptions paid to certain publishers. 

Springer Open Choice

Springer has an Open Access agreement with JISC for UK authors in place, which applies to eligible Springer subscription journals

The agreement means that corresponding authors from UK institutions who are publishing in one of the participating Springer subscription journals may publish their article Gold Open Access with no Article Processing Charge. The University has been issued a number of free vouchers to use as payment.

The scheme applies to original papers, review papers, brief communications and continuing education papers.

Further information on the Springer Open Choice deal for UK authors can be found at the Springer website.

The Springer Open Choice Open Access Agreement applies to the corresponding author. Springer defines the corresponding author as - 

"the person who handles the manuscript and correspondence during the publication process – from manuscript correction and proof reading, to handling the revisions and re-submission of revised manuscripts up to the acceptance of the manuscripts. The author has the authority to act on behalf of all co-authors in all matters pertaining to publication of the manuscript including supplementary material. The corresponding author is responsible for obtaining such agreements and for informing the co-authors of the manuscript’s status throughout the submission, review, and publication process. In addition, the corresponding author also acts as the point of contact for any enquiries after the paper is published."


Instructions for corresponding authors:
1. When your paper is accepted, Springer will direct you to a MyPublication form

2. Agree to the open access terms, including the CC BY licence.

3. Declare your affiliation with University of Derby. We recommend using your University of Derby e-mail address to help the university and Springer verify your eligibility.

4. Once verified*, your paper will become open access on publication

*Eligible vouchers will be issued on a first come, first served basis.

Taylor and Francis Open Select

The Taylor and Francis NESLI APC allowance scheme provides University of Derby with a limited number of vouchers that can be redeemed for a 75% discount on the standard APC in most Open Select journals (excluding medical). This wil reduce most charges from around £1,895 to £474.


The Taylor and Francis NESLI Open Access Agreement applies to the corresponding author. Further details for corresponding authors are available on the T&F Author Services Publishing Open Access webpage.

Instructions for corresponding authors:

1. Check if your chosen journal participates in the NESLI scheme.

2. If it does, on acceptance email with your article details, full billing details and institutional VAT number, indicating that you wish to apply a University of Derby NESLI voucher to the APC.

3. Once verified and subject to voucher availability, a 75% discount will be applied to the standard journal APC .

4. Your article will be open access on publication.

Wiley OnlineOpen

Wiley’s OnlineOpen agreement with Jisc allows UK authors to to publish without having to pay additional Article Publication Charges (APCs). 


Up until the 12th October 2020:


To be eligible, your manuscript must have been accepted on or after 2 March 2020  and must fall under the OnlineOpen scheme. You must also be the corresponding author affiliated with the University of Derby at the point of acceptance for publication. If publishing in a hybrid journal, you must order OnlineOpen at the point of acceptance. 

The scheme only applies to primary research and review articles.


From 12 October 2020:


Wiley have taken the decision to limit OA publishing to Wellcome, UKRI, Blood Cancer UK, British Heart Foundation, Cancer Research UK, Parkinson’s UK and Versus Arthritis funded research only to guarantee that all research funded will be published OA in 2020.

Please be advised that these new terms are temporary and the agreement will revert back to allow all UoD authors to publish OA for all non funded research outputs from the 1 January 2021. 

  • For those institutions who don’t have available credit account funds to cover the next APC, then authors will be routed to our ‘author pays’ route, where we are pleased to be able to offer them a 25% discount.
  • This will be valid from Oct 12th – Dec 31st 2020.  After which the main Jisc account will be reset for authors to use when publishing research and review articles.
  • Authors will need to take action when prompted in the payment form at submission for fully Gold OA journals and after acceptance in Author Services for Wiley’s hybrid journals.
  • For gold journals authors need to select ‘UK/Jisc authors (25% discount)’ from the drop-down menu.

For hybrid journals authors need to add the discount promo code:  XRHWB . You will need to provide this to ensure that you can claim your 25% discount when publishing in Wiley’s hybrid journals.


Further information on this agreement can be found on Wiley's website

The Wiley OnlineOpen agreement applies to the corresponding author as per their following definition:

'the author who manages the manuscript and correspondence during the publication process - from submission through publication. This author has the authority to act on behalf of all the co-authors and will be the contact for inquiries after publication also.'

Once your article is accepted, the corresponding author is able to select OnlineOpen from the Author Services Dashboard. For step-by-step instructions, visit the How to Order OnlineOpen page.


Once your order is complete, your article will be made open access immediately upon publication. The open access icon and Creative Commons license signals to readers that the content is freely available to read, download and share.