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Reflection Skills

Higher education and graduate recruiters place high value on the skill of being a reflective learner.​ 

In this guide we are going to look at reflection skills and how they can impact your future.  

These are skills that can benefit you when looking to apply for jobs, whether that be, part-time, placement or graduate level roles. 

Use the left hand menu to explore three different areas of reflection in relation to your future.  

  • Reflecting on your skills 

  • Reflecting on yourself 

  • Reflecting on your opportunities 

Each section contains a What, a How and a Why. 

What - an introduction into the particular area 

How – an activity for you to do to practice reflecting  

Why - an explanation of the benefits of reflecting and how it can help your future

The section on Academic Reflection includes guidance on reflective writing, reflecting on feedback and your experiences.