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What is grammar?

Grammar is the structure of language. It is how we express pauses and tone, how we separate ideas and how we ensure our writing is clear and precise. 

Why do I need good grammar skills?

While at university, a good level of grammar knowledge will aid you in your assignments and essays. Using grammar correctly will mean that you are able to effectively convey your argument in an essay as the content will be easy to read and follow as you will not be breaking conventional rules of the language. 

How can I improve my grammar skills?

There are many ways to improve your grammar skills. In this Skills Guide, we will introduce you to some different grammar topics that will help you to understand and use yourself. We have also included links to useful resources such as videos and textbooks. After looking at these resources, have a go yourself! Practice makes perfect!

How confident are you with grammar?
Not confident at all: 94 votes (21.66%)
Slightly confident: 120 votes (27.65%)
Fairly confident: 148 votes (34.1%)
Very confident: 55 votes (12.67%)
100% confident: 17 votes (3.92%)
Total Votes: 434