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Group Work

What is group work?

At University most courses will include a group working assessment. Instead of completing this assessment individually, you will be required to complete it as part of a group. In group work assessments the group will often be given one grade for the submission of the whole group.

Group work assessments are often larger than individual assessments and often contain different elements to be shared across the group. Group work assessments can include, for example, reports, presentations, practical skills assessments and essays.

Why do I need to complete group work?

Learning how to work within a group is a vital skill, as most job roles will require you to work within a team towards a greater goal. Practicing this whilst at University can help you develop this skill and improve how you work with others, whilst improving on any areas of weakness.

Group work assessments are common within the first years of your degree, as they help you to develop friends and contacts within your course. 

How can I develop group work skills? 

This set of group working pages will give you advice for working within a group, dealing with issues within group work, and will suggest some online tools that you can use to make group working easier. Use the tabs at the top of the page to navigate between the different pages.

You can develop your group skills by using the task management template sheet below to keep your group work organised.

The task management sheet is useful for creating an action list that can help in ensuring that every group member understands their role and their actions.

Actions can be assigned to multiple people. To save space you may find it helpful to use initials where work is shared in a larger group. To help members understand the initials you can add these to the group roles section above the action plan.

The date to be completed and review dates are only indicative dates and can be updated later if needed.