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Maths and Numeracy

Maths and English are the key languages required for further study, for work and for full participation in everyday life.   We all recognise the importance of literacy – the ability to read and write – but less often recognise the importance of numeracy – the ability to use numbers and mathematical concepts in everyday life.  

Use Elevate my Maths, an online learning platform, to improve your maths and numeracy skills.

Use Confidence with Numbers to access an interactive module on Skills for Study.

A student doing archery

Identify and master the maths skills you need to work on.

Go to Elevate My Maths now Go to Elevate My Maths now

By using Elevate my Maths you will:  

  • Learn and develop fundamental maths skills 
  • Understand how these can be applied in academic, professional, and work-based settings 
  • Earn digital badges for modules you complete