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Independent Learning

Beating Procrastination Podcasts

Alex, Naomi and Diana discuss how you can beat procrastination, sharing their methods, tips and tricks. Their advice is supported through student advice from social media responses. 

Taking Effective Breaks Whilst Studying

Alex and Naomi discuss how you can take breaks without crossing into procrastination. They discuss the benefits of breaks, how you can plan breaks, how long your breaks should be and give some examples of things you can do whilst having a break.

Getting Ready for Academic Study

Alex, Diana, Catherine and Naomi outline how they get organised, their methods of reflection and give advice for how to prepare for academic study. Their discussion is supported by voices of current students from the University of Derby. 

Why Successful People Get Organised Podcast

In this episode Alex interviews Academic Librarian and Wikimedian of the Year 2020 Caroline Ball to discuss the useful skill of organisation. Being organised allows you to be prepared to take opportunities and to be more efficient in the tasks that you do. It is a very broad skill and so we will be discussing advice for different types of organisation including organising your time, organising your research and organising projects. We are also going to be discussing how organisation can help your mental health.

Perseverance and Motivation Podcast with Fran McKay

In this episode, Alex interviews Fran McKay about how you can motivate yourself to find success in your studies and your career. We discuss topics including motivating yourself after one bad day, our methods for motivation and the power of finding your values.

Returning to Study Audio Podcast

In this episode, Alex interviews the award winning University of Derby Online Learning student Ian Danton about returning to education after a break. Ian graduated from his first degree 30 years ago and discusses what helped him to find his feet.

Finding Your Feet at University Audio Podcast

Recent foundation year Law student Katie Harrod and host Alexander Wood discuss their experiences in finding their feet at the start of university. We discuss our reflections from our first year, how you can settle in and make friends, and how you aren't alone if you are feeling overwhelmed in your first few weeks.

The Mindset of a Successful Student Audio Podcast

Alex interviews Eliza Patrascu about her reflections from her time at university. Eliza discusses her mindset that she held at the start of university and her mindset towards university now that she has graduated. We also discuss learning your limits, and going to the world with an open mind.