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LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is an online skills development service which offers our students and staff an extensive library of high-quality video courses in business, creative and technical skills. 

You can use the platform to enhance your personal development with self-paced learning to complement other resources such as the Develop@Derby Hub, a wide programme of skills workshops and the Digital Capabilities Discovery Tool, to name a few.

The LinkedIn Learning service provides access to over 18,000 courses taught by industry experts. Courses provide in-depth subject detail and are made up of short videos, so you can learn an entire topic or course from start to finish, or just a specific task.

Courses are offered for all levels from beginner to expert, and you can also choose to add achievements and related skills to your LinkedIn profile once you've completed them.

Browse the full catalogue of courses on offer by topic, by role, or use the search function to suggest suitable courses relating to specific keywords for skills you'd like to develop. 

Get started with LinkedIn Learning and set up your free account.