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Your Future, Start Now

Fear, perceived obstacles and motivation are frequently the things that hold us back from opportunities at university, in our careers and in life generally. Often the fear of failure and the barriers we place in the way are much bigger than the reality of the thing itself. We can find ourselves reflecting after the event or looking at others and thinking ‘I wish I had done that, if I had known it was that easy’.  

Don’t let your mindset be self-limiting.  Don’t let it prevent you from gaining work experience alongside your studies, and don’t let your negative self-talk limit you when it comes to job searching and applications. A variety of employers are also already recruiting for a ‘growth mindset’.  This is predicted to be a trend as employers are keen to employ staff who have a strong work ethic and who will persevere to get a job done and not give up at the first hurdle.  

The following 30-minute video was recorded for the University of Derby, by Gradconsult – an award-winning consultancy who specialise in early careers and talent management. They have worked with hundreds of businesses, and with over 70% of UK universities which informs their knowledge of graduate recruitment and development. Listen to George explain about the importance of growing a growth mindset and learn some key tips on how to adjust some of your behaviours and build resilience. Your thinking can ultimately influence your career outcome. 

If you would like to find out more about growth mindsets in the context of academic writing, then please view our guide here.

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