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Making the most of LinkedIn 

The webinar below demonstrates how to create an effective LinkedIn profile to make you stand out to your network. It provides tips on how to use LinkedIn as a proactive networking tool and how to create content to engage with your connections, including successful searching to find people and jobs.  

Why should I use LinkedIn? 

LinkedIn gives you the ability to showcase your profile, expertise, recommendations and connections, not only is your profile the first professional impression of you when recruiters and employers use LinkedIn to search for candidates but it also demonstrates credibility in your industry and highlights your achievements. 

LinkedIn is the best among all networking sites to nurture your professional network. Not only does it helps you connect with your university alumni but also from a job seeker’s perspective, to connect with top professionals of the industry you want to be part of. You can find and connect with recruiters and executives from the company you want to join after graduation. It is important to optimise your profile and proactively use LinkedIn in order to ensure you are sourcing opportunities effectively. 

Learning Outcomes:  


  • Create an effective engaging LinkedIn profile to showcase your employability 

  • Improve your knowledge of the functions available within LinkedIn and how they   can be used to your advantage 

  • Develop networking skills by using the platforms tools to create professional connections and build your network 

  • Develop your knowledge of the sector or employer that you are interested in 


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