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Your Future, Start Now

Gaining experience alongside your studies 

Whilst at university, it can be quite easy to focus solely on your lectures and assignments, or get caught up in the excitement of socialising, but it is really important to consider getting other types of experience as well. When you start looking for work after university, employers will want to know what else you got up to besides your degree. They are no longer looking at grades alone, but what other achievements and skills applicants have. 

Whatever year you are in, you should be thinking about trying new things and gaining new experience. Putting the groundwork in now will boost your employability and better your career prospects - by helping you to stand out to employers, allowing you to discover first hand if a particular career really is for you and it will also give you more choice when it comes to jobs or career options.  

In the next 10 minute video, Emma from the Careers & Employment Service discusses the different ways you can gain experience, and how to take advantage of the opportunities the University of Derby presents to you. 

When it comes to experience, it does not matter what it's known as – a part time job, volunteering, work experience, internships, placements. What will matter is making sure your experience is relevant to you and is something you will enjoy doing. Successful career planning involves knowing yourself, knowing what's available, exploring your ideas, making decisions and taking action.

If you want to know more, please visit the Careers & Employment Service website. This contains a wealth of information on all careers and employability topics, including career planning, job search techniques, CVs, applications and interview preparation.  It also includes our Live Jobs board for details of current job vacancies and other opportunities including placements and volunteering. Please make use of these resources by visiting: