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Microsoft 365

What is it?

Outlook is part of the Microsoft Office suite of software. While it is primarily an email platform, Outlook also includes functions like calendar, task management, and storing your personal contacts.

Why do I need to learn it?

Outlook email is the platform you use throughout your studies with the University of Derby and is also referred to as your 'Unimail' account.  Outlook is used in many workplaces around the globe as a primary business communication tool.  

With Outlook you can:

  • Send and receive email communications

  • Organise your emails and prioritise the messages that matter most

  • Manage and share your calendar to schedule meetings in person or online

  • Share files from OneDrive so your recipients always have the latest version

  • Stay connected wherever you are

How do I do it?

To get started with Outlook, see the links below for quick help sheets, online training, and further reading.

Outlook Quick Start Guides

Outlook Online Training

Outlook Further Reading