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Elevate my Maths

What is Elevate My Maths?

Elevate My Maths is an award-winning online platform designed to support numeracy skills training through a personalised programme of assessments and interactive lessons. It was developed by Vretta, a leading educational technology company based in Canada, whose stated mission is “a world where everyone enjoys maths”.

Why is numeracy so important?

Maths and English are the key languages required for further study, for work and for full participation in everyday life.   We all recognise the importance of literacy – the ability to read and write – but less often recognise the importance of numeracy – the ability to use numbers and mathematical concepts in everyday life. Fundamental maths topics, including fractions, decimals, percentages, ratios and simple algebra, are used in almost every profession, not just specialist fields such as science and engineering. Nurses, construction workers, members of the business community, participants in sports, and musicians all use maths concepts, as do parents, teachers, and people in the retail and hospitality sectors.

While GCSE and A levels cover a very broad array of maths concepts, the proficiency level required for even a basic pass is quite low, while a good level of numeracy requires high proficiency over a much smaller range of topics. For example, ask yourself how you would feel about accepting a dose of medicine from a nurse who had achieved just 50% in dosage calculations or engaging a carpenter whose skills at measuring and calculating with fractions were only just at a passing level!

Elevate My Maths is designed to help students prepare for success in higher education by checking on their proficiency levels in fundamental maths, providing them with an upgrading module as necessary, and building their confidence as they prepare for further education and training.

How does Elevate My Maths work?

Elevate My Maths uses the principles of assessment for learning and comprises three components for each maths topic:

  • Diagnostic assessment in which a student’s proficiency at the topic is determined through a short (10-item) test;
  • Upgrading module of interactive lessons in those topics where a proficiency of less than 80% was achieved in the diagnostic test;
  • Summative assessment in which the student demonstrates his or her proficiency at the topic, following completion of the upgrading module.

Numeracy skills digital badges will be awarded following completion of a program.

Elevate My Maths: