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Elevate my Maths

This course consists of interactive labs and assessments aimed at students interested in STEM subjects.

It is designed to help students prepare for Higher Education, by checking on their proficiency levels in Calculus, and building their confidence and knowledge as they prepare for further technical modules.

Course components

  1. Interactive Calculus labs (limits, continuity, differentiation, integration, applications, ODEs, series)
  2. Calculus Practice Exam (Automatically generated assessment with instant grading, feedback and solutions. Users can retake the practice test until they achieve the desired level of mastery)

Digital badge

A digital badge is awarded by the University of Derby to recognise the proficiency in Calculus.

This is demonstrated when a student scores 40% or above in the Calculus Practice Exam.

Blue badge with University of Derby logo then text reading Elevate my maths, Online Calculus Practice.  A green banner says Numeracy skills.