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Elevate my Maths

Elevate My Maths courses at the University of Derby

In 2019, the University of Derby became Vretta’s first UK academic hub, and a range of maths skills courses have been developed to meet the needs of our learners.

These courses are integrated in many programmes and modules across the Colleges of Science and Engineering, Health, Psychology and Social Care, Business Law and Social Sciences, and are also available through the UoD Maths Hub.

A digital badge is awarded upon the completion of each course.

The details for each course can be found by clicking the titles below or by using the links in the left hand menu.

Generic courses

Basic Numeracy Skills

Online Calculus Practice

Specialised courses<

D1 - Numeracy Skills: Fundamentals

D2 - Numeracy Skills: Algebra, Measurement and Geometry

D3 - Numeracy Skills: Numbers, Proportions and Applications

D4 - Numeracy Skills: Statistics, Data Analysis and Probabilities

D5 - Numeracy Skills: Basic Financial Mathematics

D6 - Numeracy Skills: Applied Financial Mathematics

D7 - Numeracy Skills: Algebra and Measurement for Finance

D8 - Numeracy Skills: Business and Financial Mathematics

D9 - Numeracy Skills: Basic Algebra and Statistics for Finance

D10 - Numeracy Skills: Proportions, Statistics and Dosage Calculations for Nursing