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Elevate my Maths

This course provides a personalised programme of assessments and interactive lessons, designed to help you prepare for success in your further studies and career. The system checks your proficiency levels in maths, provides upgrading as necessary, and helps you build confidence.

Topics covered

  1. Basic Algebra
  2. Graphs and systems of equations
  3. Currency conversions

Topic structure

  • Diagnostic assessment: tests proficiency on a topic through a short (10-item) test.
  • Remedy lessons: interactive resource helping learners to fill gaps in prior knowledge.
  • Summative assessment: confirms the mastery of the topic, allowing multiple attempts.

Course settings

  • Score 80% or above in the diagnostic to unlock the summative assessment. Otherwise, the summative is locked until you have completed the remedy lessons.
  • Score 80% or above in each summative assessment to unlock the proficiency assessment.
  • Score 80% or above in the proficiency assessment to demonstrate a high level of mastery.

Digital badge

Score 80% or above in the proficiency assessment to get your badge.

Blue badge with University of Derby logo then text reading Elevate my maths, D7 - Algebra and Measurement for Finance.  A green banner says Numeracy skills.