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Develop@Derby Skill Set

Develop@Derby Skill Set

The following 10 skills have been identified to help in 3 high priority areas:

1. Success in academic endeavours.

2. Success in industry. 

3. Success in the wider economy and society. 

1. Critical Thinking

Critical thinking allows learners to derive meaning from information. It enables learners to critique the credibility and sources of knowledge, to recognise their own personal assumptions and values, and beyond this, what may have influenced them. It also develops the ability to analyse the thinking process itself, leading to critical reflection and a move beyond the description of an event or process, towards a deeper and more interpretative understanding. This incorporates information, media and data literacy. 

2. Communication

Effective communicators are able to successfully receive and conveying information. They have an awareness of different audiences, different norms and needs, and the changing boundaries between public and private communication It enables learners to shape conversations, explain concepts and opinions, articulate key points of an argument, promote and negotiate ideas and project credibility. 

3. Building Relationships and Effective Collaboration

Collaborators are able to build effective relationships in order to work successfully across various boundaries and differences, often to progress and achieve collective goals. 

4. Creative Problem Solving

Creative problem solvers use their imagination to create and develop solutions. 

5. Self-Direction and Planning

Learners are able to use their initiative and are productive, managing their time efficiently to achieve a good work life balance and improved mental health and wellbeing. 

6. Numeracy, Statistics and Financial Literacy

Learners are able to use numbers and mathematical concepts with confidence and apply financial skills to their work and everyday life. 

7. Digital Skills

Learners possess the capabilities to live, learn and work in a digital society. 

8. Resilience

Resilient learners are self-aware and able to deal with and bounce back from challenges and setbacks, learning through failure as well as success. Resilient learners are able to face their challenges and to persevere when things don't go as planned. 

9. Adaptability

Adaptable learners are self-aware and open to changing the way of doing things even if it requires effort or learning new skills. 

10. Leadership and Future Thinking

Leaders and future thinkers are able to understand the context in which they operate and can anticipate obstacles to plan ahead. They are able to drive change, take opportunities and manage risk.