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Digital Skills

Introduction to Digital Skills

Digital skills are necessary to succeed in today’s world. In these pages we will focus on different digital tools and techniques that you can use to develop your digital capabilities and gain skills which will enhance your study, personal life and career.

Why Digital Skills are Important

What do we mean by Digital Capabilities?

"Digital capability is the term we use to describe the skills and attitudes that individuals and organisations need if they are to thrive in todays world. At an individual level we define digital capabilities as those which equip someone to live, learn and work in a digital society." Jisc.

Jisc has developed a Digital Capabilities Framework and a free Discovery Tool to help you assess your current capabilities and discover areas to improve upon, within six defined areas of digital capability.

The six digital elements from Jisc listed around a semi-circle.

The six elements are:

  • Digital proficiency and productivity (functional skills).
  • Information, data and media literacies (critical use).
  • Digital creation, problem-solving and innovation (creative production).
  • Digital communication, collaboration and participation (participation).
  • Digital learning and development (development).
  • Digital identity and wellbeing (self-actualising).

In the next section, Assess your Digital Capabilities, you will be introduced to the Jisc Digital Capabilities Discovery Tool which will provide you with a personalised, downloadable report, giving you an indicator of your current capabilities.   

Complete your self-assessment, review your report, and see suggestions for any skills to improve on.  

Access resources and training to help you boost your knowledge and capabilities to support your studies and build workplace skills.