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Inter Library Loans

If you need a book or journal article that is not held in any format at one of the University of Derby libraries, the Inter Library Loans (ILLs) service may be able to obtain a copy from another library.

Request an Inter Library Loan

Before submitting your Inter Library Loan Request:

  • Check the library catalogue and the E-Journals Finder to ensure we do not already hold the item in one of our libraries. We are unable to supply items that are already in stock.
  • Only choose Distance Learning as your collection site if you are registered on a Distance Learning course. All other users should select their home campus as the collection site

Inter library loan requests may be placed for items that are: 

  • needed for your research or study
  • not available through our library catalogue
  • not available via the E-Journals Finder or freely via the internet

To comply with UK copyright law, we can only supply you with one chapter per book or one article per journal issue. If you require more than one item from the same publication, you should request a loan of the full item.

The Inter Library Loans service is available to the following users: 

Type of user Maximum number of requests in one year Cost per request
Undergraduates 10 No charge
Taught postgraduates 20 No charge
Research students Unlimited No charge
Staff Unlimited No charge

The following user categories are not eligible for inter library loans: External, Alumni, Honorary, SCONUL Access, Collaborative and Exchange (e.g. Erasmus) students. If you are in one of these categories you may be able to request an inter library loan at your local library or directly, by registering at the British Library


Further information

You should receive your item within 6 to 10 days, however some items may take 2 to 3 weeks to arrive, so we recommend that you make your request as far in advance as possible.

Journal articles and book chapters

These are usually supplied by the British Library by Secure Electronic Delivery and will be sent directly to your email address. You will need to register for a free On Demand account with the British Library before you can access your items.

Articles or book chapters received from libraries other than the British Library will be supplied as photocopies and must be collected from the library. We will email you to let you know when your item is ready to collect.


You will receive an email when your item is ready for collection. Your books will be available to pick up from the Library counter at the collection site you selected on your request form.

The loan period is set by the lending library and items are subject to recall and fines. To take full advantage of the loan period you should collect your items as soon as possible.

Library Use Only

Sometimes libraries specify that books may not be taken away from the library. These items can only be used within the Library during staffed hours, so please plan your visit to allow for this.

Returning your Inter Library Loan

Please return books to a member of staff at a Library loans counter on or before the due date to allow us plenty of time to send them back to the lending library.

You do not have to return photocopies of journal articles and books chapters.


It may be possible to renew your inter library loan books if you need them for longer. Please email us at a few working days before the due date so that we can contact the lending library and ask them if a renewal would be possible.


Please note that overdue inter library loan items will incur fines of 50p per day.

It is important that you take care of your inter library loan as if an item is not returned for any reason you will be liable for the cost of a replacement.

The British Library will send articles and chapters directly to the email address you supplied on your inter library loan (ILL) request form. This service is called Secure Electronic Delivery (SED).

The emails containing the links to your items will arrive from

Before you can access your documents you will need to: How to receive journal articles and book chapters by email:
  1. Submit your request for the article or book chapter using our inter library loan request form and choose ‘Secure Electronic Delivery’ as the Delivery Method.
  2. The British Library will send you an email containing a link to the requested document. If you have already registered for an On Demand account, skip to step 6 below.
  3. Click on the link and select ‘Register for On Demand' on the download page.
  4. Follow the instructions on screen to complete the registration process. 
  5. Wait 5 minutes and then return to the download page (if necessary you can open the download page again by clicking on the link in the email).
  6. Click ‘Download your document’ and enter your On Demand username and password to access the document.

We recommend using Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Safari as your browser. You may use Google Chrome, but you will need to disable the Chrome PDF viewer before your documents can be opened on your computer.


The download link from the British Library will expire after 30 days so please print or save a copy of the document as soon as possible.

You will only be able to print your document once, so please ensure that your printer is working and (if you are printing from a University PC) that you have sufficient print credit first.

You will be able to access a saved document on your device for up to 3 years.

How to get help

For assistance with registering for an On Demand account, please see our ILL SED Registration Guide.

If you are having problems accessing your document, check if your question is answered in the British Library On Demand FAQs.

If you need further help, please email or call us on +44 (0)1332 591215.

Copyright declaration

I hereby request you to supply me with a copy of the item detailed on this form which I require for the purposes of research or private study. I declare that:

  1. I have not previously been supplied with the same material by you or any other librarian;
  2. I will not use the copy except for research for a non-commercial purpose or private study
  3. I will not supply a copy of it to any other person
  4. To the best of my knowledge no other person with whom I work or study has made, or intends to make, at or about the same time as this request, a request for substantially the same material for substantially the same purpose.
  5. If this item was delivered by an electronic method (including fax transmission), I will retain only a single paper copy and destroy any electronic copies after printing
  6. I understand that if the declaration is false in a material particular, the copy supplied to me by you will be an infringing copy and that I shall be liable for infringement of copyright as if I had made the copy myself.


We will endeavour to process your request within five working days of its receipt. Please allow two to three weeks for the supply of the item, although most requests, especially those sent electronically by SED, will arrive within days.

You can check the progress of your request by logging onto 'My Details' in PRISM, the Library Catalogue.


The Inter Library Loan (ILL) Service supports academic work undertaken by staff employed by the University of Derby. We are unable to process requests relating to work or study that is not connected with UoD.

Data protection

Our Data Protection Officer (DPO) is Helen Rishworth on (01332) 591954. Alternatively you can email Further information on how we handle your information and details of our DPO can be found here on our website 

The University of Derby holds ILL requests securely and will keep request details for the period of six years as required by the terms and conditions of the British Library and the UK Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988.

If the item you would like is a thesis, please check to see if it is available via the British Library’s EThOS service. Many UK theses have been digitised and are available to download free of charge.

What is a thesis?

A doctoral thesis is a long piece of writing based on the ideas and research conducted as part of a doctorate degree, i.e. a PhD, EdD or ProfDoc.

Many theses are directly obtainable from EThOS, the British Library's service for the delivery of PhD theses published by UK universities.

If you require a thesis, you can obtain it directly in electronic format to your PC desktop. 

EThOS Electronic Theses Online Service

Follow this pathway to use EThOS:

  • Go to the EThOS website and log on. On your first visit register for the service by completing a short web form.
  • Search for the thesis you require across a database of over 400,000+ titles
  • If the item has already been digitised by EThOS, it will be available free of charge for immediate download.
  • Click on the link to download the document. The item is delivered to your PC in a zip file. 
  • If the thesis hasn't yet been digitised, you can click on the link to order from print. Please note that a scan fee may apply.  Following your request for the title, the British Library will then seek to obtain it from its host institution, will scan it and place it on EThOS. Allow two to three weeks for this to take place and you will then be able to log on to access and download the item. 
  • Some titles are only available if you pay a digitisation fee.  This is currently £58.32.

For further information and help please contact us at