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Academic Wellbeing

We know that good physical and mental health is vital for students to thrive at University. At Derby we have a range of supports and services that are here for you all the way through your journey. The range of guides are here to ensure you can take steps to maintain and improve your wellbeing, stay healthy and if you notice your wellbeing slipping, steps you can take to boost it.  

Within each guide you should find written guidance, downloadable resources, further reading and access to videos and relevant podcasts.  

(Hughes, 2020)

By using these guides you will:  

  • Develop healthier behaviours 
  • Develop greater confidence and control with your wellbeing, studies and University life 
  • Understand better your own health  
  • Learn how to recognise when your health and wellbeing may be slipping and actions you can take to improve and boost it.