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Music and Performing Arts

Key Subject Resources

As a student at the University you have access to a wide range of databases for your subject where you can access journals, articles, conference papers, eBooks, and much more.  There may also be links to websites which have media resources or technical standards and professional guidance used in industry which you will be expected to become familiar with during your studies. Whilst many of these are multi-disciplinary, some are subject specific. 

The tabs in this box identify the key subject resources (databases) for Music and Performing Arts, separated out by Journals, eBooks and Media.  

Whilst Library Search is a good starting point to search, you may be overwhelmed by the number of results and may find you get more relevant results by searching on the databases which have an emphasis on Arts content.  The databases identified on each tab aren't the only Arts databases; you can find a full list on the tab labelled All Arts Databases if you would like to explore further.

You need to have logged into UDo to use the databases and can access them both in the University and off campus.  Where there are special conditions for off-campus use which may require a different log in, information will be provided in the NOTES section of each tab.

You will be able to read many of the articles you find from these databases, in full text online, or download a PDF copy to keep.  On some sites you may see just the 'Abstract' or description of the article; in these cases, if we do not have a subscription to the relevant journal, you may be able to get the full article through our Inter Library loan service.

Ebook Central, Ebsco and VLE are our major eBook suppliers and have content across a broad spectrum of disciplines; not just Arts.