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Key Journal Titles

Library Search and all databases—for example Web of Science and JSTOR—will present you with journal articles for your essays and assignments.

But you might sometimes want to browse the journals from which the articles came. In other words, you want to see the journal titles that the library has available for you. 

The easiest way to do this is to use BrowZine. This is a list of all the journal titles to which the library gives you some kind of access (see below for more about this). Click the image below or follow this link to see English journal titles in BrowZine.


IMPORTANT NOTE: BrowZine will list all the journal titles that the library provides, but a specific journal may have been publishing for years. This means that it is not always financially possible for the library to provide 'all' the content of a particular journal title.  

The key thing to look out for is a padlock symbol next to a particular year/volume of the journal. If you see a padlock, it means that the library does not provide access to this particular journal year/issue—but other years/issues will be available because the title is on BrowZine. It will make more sense when you start to use it!