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Welcome to the LibGuide for History

This LibGuide is designed to meet you at your point of need and to guide you through the process of planning and managing work at university, finding research material for your assessed work, and supporting you with outputting your ideas through referencing. It also provides guidance on other support provisions from the library.

Study Skills: this tab introduces a resource called Develop@Derby, which is designed to help you develop your skills as a student. It also provides support for academic well being and advice about careers and choices for when you finish your studies. 

Getting Started: Provides logistically and practical information about using the Library. For example, borrowing books, loan periods, booking study spaces, and opening hours.

Key Databases: This tab introduces the databases that you need to use to find research—books, e-books, journal articles—for your essays, assignments, or theses.

Finding theses and dissertations: many universities have digitised the theses and dissertations that their students have completed—which may help you in your own studies. You can search a database of this work here.

Key history journal titles: this section of the guide provides a clear link to a list of journals that the University of Derby provides for you.

Historical newspapers: the library provides you access to many different historical newspapers, from many different periods of time. If you want to learn how people interpreted the world during different periods of history, then this may be the place to look.

The National Archives: some students may wish to use the National Archives in their research. This section of the guide explores what The Archives are and how they may be of use to you.

Local collection: the library curates a collection of material about Derbyshire and surrounding areas. Material includes work about art, science, country houses, and gardens—all with a local theme.

Not based in Derby?: if you don't live in Derby, this section of the LibGuide provides information about accessing other university libraries in the UK and about having physical content—held in the library—scanned to you. Of course, even if you live in Derby these services are available to you, too.

Referencing: This tab explains why referencing is a fundamental of academic research, and it guides you to appropriate resources to help you reference effectively.

Resource spotlight (don't forget about me...)


Why might I need this database? 

Bloomsbury Cultural History is primarily a collection of specially-designed peer-reviewed articles that focus on different topics associated with history. It also contains a large collection of e-book. Highly searchable, it enables you to focus on many different aspects of historical research.

What subjects does it include?

Topics related to history include: Body and Mind, Gender and Sexuality, Politics and Conflict, Social Institutions

Historical periods include: Eighteenth Century, Nineteenth Century, Twentieth Century, Twenty-First Century

How do I access Bloomsbury Cultural History?

You can access it from the Databases list on the Library homepage. Just search under 'B', and you will find it. Alternatively, you can follow the highlighted link here.