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University of Derby: Collaborative Students: Collaborative Students

Information for staff, supporting students, on University of Derby courses studying with one of our collaborative partners

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Welcome to the University of Derby!

As a student on a University of Derby programme with one of our collaborative partners you are entitled to use most of the resources at the University Libraries. Your College Library is responsible for providing you with access to print material (i.e. books) for your course.

Through the University of Derby we give you those added extras, which will enhance your learning and improve the breadth of resources available to you.

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Using University books and journals

You will have access to our books - in addition to the allowance you have from your home library you can also borrow 15 items from us. [Education College students also have an additional 20 loans from the School Practice Collection.]

Through the library catalogue you can reserve items that are on the shelves to ensure that, if you are making a special journey in, a particular title is available for you to use. However, if the book is on loan to another user when you place your reservation there may be a delay before it becomes available for you but you will be informed by University email when it is waiting to be collected.

Please be aware, you cannot return University of Derby Library books to your home library, and we will not send your reserved University items there either so you will need to visit one of the our libraries to collect and return anything you borrow from us, including any items that you have reserved. If you have reserved items and you're not sure where to collect them from, please ask a member of staff for assistance when you arrive.

You will also have access to a range of electronic resources such as online books and journal articles - please see the tab above Accessing online books and journals  for more details. There are some online resources that have restricted access within the terms of their licence.

Obviously, your home library staff will be able to provide you with lots of help and support but you are also very welcome to contact our specialist library staff for help and advice on using our resources for your research.


Visiting other University Libraries

Do you live close to another university library? Did you know that a large number of UK University Libraries allow students from other Universities to use their print resources through something called the SCONUL Access Scheme.

More information can be found by going to the SCONUL Access Home Page - please be aware that this is usually limited to reference only access but you should be able to photocopy and make notes from printed material. You will not be able to access any of the SCONUL library's electronic resources - such as electronic journals or books.


Other options

If you come across a book or journal article that you think would be really useful, but neither the University or your College Library can give you access, you may be able to obtain a copy through the inter-library loan service where items are requested on your behalf from the British Library. Check with your College Library to see if they operate this or a similar scheme.

Some public libraries (often the main city branch) offer access to over 15 million online journal articles through a scheme called Access to Research.



All of our electronic resources are password protected which means that you will need to log in with your University of Derby student ID number - this is the 9 digit number on your University ID card which you normally get a few weeks after you've started your course. 

Your password will initially be a temporary one which you are given at the same time as you are given your ID card, it is important that you change it as soon as you can by logging on to UDo (University of Derby online). 

If you've got any issues, or you haven't received your card, in the first instance please contact your college lecturer who should be able to help you with this.

You can access UDo by going to the University Home page and clicking on the Current Students link in the top right-hand section of the page (see image below for example)




And then you can click on the change password link to create a password that only you know. You can also click on the Library link to get to the library home page and our resources. (see image below for example)

Your starting point for accessing our resources should never be Google - you should always begin with logging in to UDo and then clicking on the Library tab:

This will take you to the Library's home page

Click here for a snapshot of the page

where you will find buttons for:

Library Catalogue - this is for books, e-books, print journals

Click here for a snapshot of this page

Finding Subject Information - this is for everything else including links to electronic journals, databases to help you find articles, and subject specific library guides with contact details for people who can help you.

Click here for a snapshot of this page


For more detailed information about library resources for your subject, please have a look at the rest of this LibGuide which will advise you on finding journal articles, print and electronic books, and useful websites to support your research and study.

Please make your home College Library the first port of call for resources and support.

Contact details for the University of Derby are:

Library Enquiry Service                             

For general Library questions:

Phone: 01332 59 1215                                   



Subject Questions 

Please contact your relevant Subject Librarian

If you want to make an appointment with them either in person or remotely then use the Book an Appointment page.

(This page can take a little while to load, please be patient.)



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