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Engineering - FE

Top tip

You should use a range of sources to find information for your assignments. It's a good idea to use:

  • An encyclopedia (like Britannica or Wikipedia) to start your research
  • Books from the library to gather the bulk of the information
  • Trade magazines and newspapers to find articles that will give you case studies (e.g. examples of businesses in your vocational area)
  • Other resources, such as websites or YouTube, to find additional information.

This will give you a good balance of quality information for you to base your assignment on.

Key Resources

The online resources in the list below are useful for all BLC students. 

Library Search is the College Library's search engine. It allows you to find things that you might not find if you only use Google. Library Search searches for all the resources that the library has available.

Britannica is a great place to start finding out about a new topic. To log in use DU followed by your library card ID number: DUXXXXXX.

Issues Online is perfect for exploring issues (this may be something you're learning about in class or as part of your EVOLVE programme). Note: you must use a BLC computer to access this resource.

Gale One File:News lets you find newspaper articles so you don't have to pay to read them online (see the 'Finding Newspaper Articles' tab for more information).

Cite Them Right helps you with referencing (see the Study Skills / referencing tab for more information).

Useful shelf numbers for Engineering

You will often use Library Search to find books you want, but sometimes you will want to browse the shelves. Below are some of the key shelf numbers that relate to relevant subject areas for your course.