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Finding Newspaper Articles

There are two ways to find newspapers articles. The first is to use Library Search. The second is to use a database called Gale OneFile.

Both methods are explained in the tabs below.

Finding Newspaper Articles

A quick way to find newspaper articles is to use Library Search.

Step 1: Type the subject you are interested in. In the example below, I want to find newspaper articles about childcare in the NHS:


Step 2: You now need to filter the search results so that Library Search only displays newspaper articles (it currents shows all kinds of resources).

Under the 'Resource Type' side-bar heading select 'Newspaper Articles':


Step 3: You can now arrange them by publication date. I want the latest articles to appear first. 

Under the 'Sort by' side-bar heading select 'Date-newest'.


Step 4: Select the article that you want to read from your filtered set of results. You can also click Available Online:

Then click GaleOneFile: News:


Step 5: You will then be asked to sign in. Use your '' and your 'password'.


Step 6You can now read your article:


To search for News articles specifically, use the link here for Gale OneFile: News

Gale OneFile News searches for the topic you entered before, and shows you the top results. Use the search box at the top to search again with different keywords to find what you need.

In the example below, I am looking for newspaper articles about childcare. But If you know the title of the article you want to read, you can search for the exact wording.

Newspaper articles that include childcare as a prominent theme display first. This is called 'relevance'. But you can change the display order to show the latest articles, or even the oldest articles, by using the 'Sort by' drop-down menu.

Click on the title of an article you are interested in. If you want to listen to the article, the page will read it out to you.