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Elsevier Negotiations

The contract between publisher Elsevier and UK Universities is due for renewal in December 2021

The University of Derby currently subscribes to over 2,000 of the Elsevier Freedom Collection giving our staff and students the ability to read the articles in journals published by Elsevier.

Negotiations with Elsevier

Since March 2021, JISC, has been facilitating negotiations between Elsevier and the UK Universities sector to secure a fair Read and Publish agreement providing access to both paywalled content and enabling publishing to support full and immediate open access to comply with funder and policy mandates, including Plan S. We will continue to work with Jisc as they seek a fair deal with Elsevier. If you would like any more information, please contact Emma Butler, Library Research Liaison Manager

Most of the major funders request that researchers provide open access to the outputs of their funded research so authors are required to make their publications openly accessible to all.

The University of Derby supports open access. The University of Derby Publication and Open Access policy requires all outputs to be recorded in UDORA, the University’s Open Access repository. This principle is central to initiatives such as Plan S which requires that, from 2021, scientific publications that result from research funded by public grants be published in compliant Open Access journals or platforms.

Many publishers impose article processing charges (APCs) to make a publication open access in one of their journals. The cost of APCs varies but is typically between £500 and £3000.

Some publishers have introduced new models, including Read and Publish models which mean that the cost to read content from publishers has altered and the cost is now spread across both reading and publishing. The University of Derby currently has transitional Read and Publish deals with Taylor and Francis, Wiley, Springer and British Medical Journal (BMJ), giving access to content and a reduction or waiver of the cost of the article processing charge (APC) to publish in selected journals.

The current deal between Elsevier and UK Universities expires in December 2021 and a Read and Publish deal for the sector with Elsevier is not currently available.