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Work/life balance at University

What is work/life balance?

An academic work/life balance is about ensuring that your University experience is one in which you are healthy, fulfilled and achieving your utmost potential. 

Why is work/life balance important?

It is important as a university student that each day has a structure that is manageable for you. Feeling like you have too much to cram into each day can lead to increased anxiety. Learning how to achieve a good work/life balance will improve your grades and boost your mental wellbeing whilst at University. 

How can I achieve a good work/life balance?

There are many elements which factor into achieving a good work/life balance:

  • Good time management;
  • Taking time to relax and do things you enjoy;
  • Socialising with friends and family;
  • Exercise and a healthy diet; 
  • Practicing mindfulness. 

You can learn more about these things by watching the helpful videos we have selected, reading some of books and e-books available in the Library Catalogue, or booking an appointment with the University Wellbeing Service if you feel things are just getting a little bit too much to deal with.

Work Life Balance Podcast

Alex, Diana, Catherine and Naomi from the University of Derby Skills team outline how they get organised, their methods of reflection and give their advice for how to prepare for academic study. 

Their discussion about organisation is supported by voices of current students from the University of Derby.