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Digital Capabilities - Podcast episode

The Success as a Student Podcast Series

The Success as a Student Podcast is a 23 episode series with the aim of inspiring you to develop your key skills through giving advice and guidance. Each episode contains the perspective of either an expert staff member of a successful student who details how they developed their skills. 

Each page is written by me, Alexander Wood, the host of each of the interviews in the series. I am a recent graduate of the University working full time making online content in the Skills Team. As a student I got involved as much as I could to help develop my own skills and balanced my Law degree alongside volunteering. As a student I was awarded the Vice President Education Award for the impact of my volunteering across the University, as well as a first class Law degree and Graduate of the Year 2020. In the podcast series I discuss how  I am just a normal student who reflects, helps others and takes opportunities. By developing the skills discussed in this series, you can achieve success and can make positive changes just like I aim to do.  

You can access the podcast through the associated episode guide or through the playlist links below. 

Success as a Student Podcast Playlist Links